We design innovative digital products and experiences that have the potential to make large societal and cultural impacts and are passionate about supporting founders with a meaningful vision for the world.

About TM

TM is an award-winning design and innovation firm in San Francisco founded by Steph Bain and Shaun Modi. Our services include product strategy, branding, experience design, service design, interfaces, mobile apps, and websites.

Our clients

We work with startups and large businesses from a variety of industries including consumer products, online marketplaces, education, healthcare, enterprise, security, messaging, social platforms, and electric vehicles.

Why we're different

Our background is working in-house at technology companies (Google, Airbnb, NASA, Metalab, Motorola and Nokia) and we understand the internal product development process at high growth companies. We communicate on a personal level with key stakeholders, engineers and designers. We unblock teams to get the right products shipping at the speed of the startup and technology world. We create bold, simple, visually-engaging design and understands the best design is a balance of form and function. We’re dedicated to quality and focused on creating beautiful experiences where no manual is required.


Our team works collaboratively with founders, engineers and product development teams to design products that affect millions of people. Our approach is human-centered, iterative and transparent. Our relationships with clients are long-term partnerships we feel fully invested in. We move fast and never miss a deadline.


Our partnerships include strategy where we help with ideas for new products, where a business can go and how it can scale. We understand that great design helps with marketing and attracting the best talent possible to your organization. Our design process is proven to help businesses reach performance metrics and grow exponentially.


We believe that great products are a result of the world’s unique cultures and creativity. TM seeks inspiration from a variety of sources, from technology to transportation, music, art, fashion, film and more. It not only helps us anticipate the latest trends, but deliver world-class experiences.

The partners

Shaun Modi

Shaun is an award-winning designer at the intersection of technology and design. With a degree in industrial design from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), Modi has set the creative vision for large scale products at Airbnb, Google, NASA, Motorola, and Nokia. He is known for his highly collaborative approach and ability to work closely with teams to reimagine the future of a business and society. Modi was ranked one of the Top 75 Designers in Technology by Business Insider in 2013.

Shaun’s work contributed to Airbnb being voted #1 Most Innovative Company in Design by Fast Company. His work has been covered by the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Time, Forbes and Financial Times, among others. He has spoken widely about design at MIT, Stanford, technology companies, design consultancies and top tier venture capital firms. He served as the senior commencement speaker at his alma mater, where he shared the stage with Seth MacFarlane and Gore Vidal.

Steph Bain

Steph creates magical user experiences through simplicity, attention to detail, beauty, and balance. Her work has been recognized by The Webby Awards, SXSW Interactive, Apple Editor’s Choice Awards, Core77, How Magazine, and the Lotus Awards, among others. She has worked on setting the strategic design vision for dozens of technology companies.

Prior to co-founding TM, Steph was the first designer at Airbnb. There, she worked closely with the executive team to further the entire Airbnb platform, working across web, mobile, email and offline branding. She helped build out Airbnb’s design team and infused her distinct visual style into nearly every touchpoint of the product.